Weaving Steadily Along

I'm one of those odd ducks that actually likes winter - we're avid skiers (I've been bringing 27 5th graders - my son among them - to our local ski mountain after school on Wednesdays as a matter of fact, as the coordinator for our elementary school ski club) - and I find getting outside on clear, crisp, winter days makes me very happy. Of course, our wood stove insert that keeps the downstairs of our house wonderfully cozy also makes me happy!

Art in the Heart of Harvard

My artwork is currently on display at the Harvard Cultural Collaborative, along with the work of several other artists. This is the artist statement that I wrote to go along with the work on display.

Busy Season!

It's been a busy fall! I delivered a pile of goodies to the deCordova Museum for their annual Artists Market, going on now (click here for details). They've revamped their store space, and it looks pretty snappy!

I also spent a Saturday in Boston, at the New England Open Market's 14th Annual South End Holiday Open Market. The spaces were *tiny*! (Only 6' x 5'.) But we all managed to squeeze in - it was a good day, and it's always fun to get in to Boston.


I've been occupied the past week or so with weaving 18 samples for a study group I belong to. Complex Weavers is an international organization of weavers dedicated to "expanding the boundaries of handweaving, to encourage weavers to develop their own creative styles, to inspire through research, documentation, and the sharing of innovative ideas." One of the ways that we do this is through study groups - and I'm honored to be a member of  the Sixteens study group, which was the original group that formed Complex Weavers!

Finding Happy Spaces

I've been hard at work this week, weaving a pile of chef's towels to deliver to the Fruitlands Museum Store. I brought a nice selection up on Friday and had a lovely chat with Harriet, the manager of the store - who also happens to live around the corner from me. It's a small town!

A pile of towels coming off the loom... Sitting at my loom is definitely one of my happy spaces.

Back to Work!

Back into the swing of things at home, working on a custom order runner for a lovely client I met at Fruitlands last week. (I do custom orders of designs that I'm currently selling - she wanted a specific length of runner, for example. Or I will change up colors at a client's request.)

And it's always nice to take a little break to hang out with the chickens (they're sitting on my lap, no less, hopped right up. Silly little critters, they're a complete riot, I had no idea I'd enjoy them as much as I do).

Fruitlands Craft Show

This weekend, I participated in a craft show for the first time in years! It was held on the grounds of the gorgeous Fruitlands Museum right here in Harvard, so I thought it would be a nice way to get back into the swing of things.

... and it's not exactly a bad place to spend a couple of days. The hill on the left there is Mt. Wachusett, a fun little ski mountain (and nice views to Boston and all around if you're ever in the mood for a nice not-very-strenuous hike).

Summer Vacation

It was an eventful summer for the Kelley-Munoz family! Just a couple days after school ended for the kiddos, we packed up and were off to Ireland for a little over two blissful weeks. 

Dingle Penninsula, driving around Slea Head.

Ms. B admiring the view in Killarney National Park.

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