Busy Season!

It's been a busy fall! I delivered a pile of goodies to the deCordova Museum for their annual Artists Market, going on now (click here for details). They've revamped their store space, and it looks pretty snappy!

I also spent a Saturday in Boston, at the New England Open Market's 14th Annual South End Holiday Open Market. The spaces were *tiny*! (Only 6' x 5'.) But we all managed to squeeze in - it was a good day, and it's always fun to get in to Boston.

No room to hang scarves! But my small-sized headless lady (as the kids have always called my mannequins) helped out nicely.

Wire baskets, a pasta drier rack, a cupcake holder and cook books as risers - keeping with the cooking theme for the chef's towels and lavender sachets.

Boston really is fun to visit - and I do miss living there. (I lived in Back Bay on my own for a while after college, and Carlos and I lived in Cambridge for several years before we had the kiddos.) But then I return home to pretty little Harvard and remember how much I missed trees and open spaces when I lived in the city - I'm a country girl at heart I guess, albeit one that loves to visit cities.

My show schedule is pretty much drawing to a close, though I'll likely be sending some more work to Fruitlands for their store (click here for details about their winter hours and happenings). In the meantime, I'm working on some actual woven/textile art for a local show in January, and will be updating my Etsy shop soon.  

There's snow in the forecast for us tomorrow... I love snow! And it's past time to get the skis out and head to Wachusett for some early season turns. Wishing all of you a happy holiday season, however you celebrate! (And, hey, the solstice is just around the corner, before we know it the days will be getting longer again...)