Weaving Steadily Along

I'm one of those odd ducks that actually likes winter - we're avid skiers (I've been bringing 27 5th graders - my son among them - to our local ski mountain after school on Wednesdays as a matter of fact, as the coordinator for our elementary school ski club) - and I find getting outside on clear, crisp, winter days makes me very happy. Of course, our wood stove insert that keeps the downstairs of our house wonderfully cozy also makes me happy!

I'm also happy that it's the time of the year to really start building up stock for this year's shows and gallery shipments. It feels almost like nesting - calm days spent at my loom, weaving, or scribbling down ideas for new designs, listening to audtiobooks and podcasts as I settle in to the rhythm. 

Deciding on colors and designs for towels is always a work-in-progress. These are three current towel designs, but I'm thinking about switching the one on the right for another Shaker-inspired towel that has more color in it. Or maybe I'll just add a fourth design instead of dropping one. I'm trying to focus on 6 or so colors for the towels - decisions, decisions! Red, navy blue, yellow, sage green, colonial blue and perhaps periwinkle (I'm very partial to purples). And an orange one thrown in once in a while, just because orange is fun.

I'm adding new table linens to my line as well, and have been experimenting with structures to see which I like best.

The two sets of placemats at the top of the photo are definitely keepers, and I've added some with a red stripe as well. I like the feel/hand of the mat that is front and center, but I've drafted a different, more intricate version that is going onto my 16-shaft loom as we speak - I'm hopeful that I'll like that one even more.

And currently on the little Harrisville loom are tablerunners that coordinate with the placemats: 

Some red ones will soon follow! Then perhaps some purple?